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CrossFit Fundamentals

CrossFit Fundamentals is our on-ramp program that provides a crash-course on the basics of CrossFit. There are no prerequisites to attend Fundamentals and you don’t have to be in shape to start! Nearly everyone who is in Fundamentals is taking one of their first 4 classes at Let Me Be Great CrossFit.

Fundamentals classes are smaller with an average of 5 and a maximum of 8 participants which means more time for individual instruction and encouragement during class. sometimes we prefer this to be ONE on ONE to get the benefit out of it. You’ll practice perfect form on the movements that make up our workouts, learn how to scale movements appropriately to your own level, and start ramping up your fitness with a CrossFit workout at the end of each class. All classes are one hour long with an emphasis on safety, scaling, and proper form. Each class will review a common skill or strength movement in CrossFit and end with a fun workout. After taking 8 of our Fundamentals classes, you’ll be ready to move onto our Beginner workouts.

Fundamentals classes are taught by coaches who love introducing CrossFit to new people. We teach people how to move well, and coaches are trained to help you pursue your health and fitness goals.


This is the bread and butter of CrossFit. Its objective is to ensure athletes are physically prepared for any task thrown their way. You’ll lift weights, run, jump, push and pull your own bodies long and fast. With this program, we change the exercise combinations so that your body is constantly adapting and improving. Over time, regular attendance will increase an athlete’s fitness level across the board.

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